• To provide for postgraduate trainees,neonatologists,high quality educational offerings.

• To foster the development of evidence-based practice guidelines and outcomes research to identify for our    members best practice styles in the provision of neonatal.

• To support the enhancement of research efforts in the basic sciences which foster toThe health and
   well-being of the fetus,the pregnant mother and the newborn infant.

• To define the quantity and type of neonatal training experiences which are essential for neonatologist who will    be caring for the ;neonate of the 21st century.

• To serve as a resource for the Academy's Board of Directors and the many Committees and Sections of the    Academy in the areas of neonatal health.

• To serve as a local, regional and national lobbying group to maintain a high level of  national awarenessaround    issues which ;impact the health of the newborn infant.